Tastaly. Simply true flavour.

An introduction to Tastaly…

Tastaly began when three cousins – united by their passion for delicious food, and inspired by the farming traditions of their family – expanded their farm so that they could share the specialities of Italian with the rest of the world.

Thanks to the cooperation of some of the best Italian farms, we have now set up an export company called Tastaly Ltd, which is exclusively exporting our production to the UK.

So, from it’s humble beginnings as a small farm in Mount Sicani, Tastaly now supplies restaurants across London with a wide range of high quality, premium foods.

But we want to do much more.

Our Mission / Philosophy

Our mission is to share our delicious and carefully crafted food with the rest of the world. A big part of our business plan involves educating our clients – explaining how our produce is grown, where it comes from and what makes it so different from anything else out there now (the taste alone is mouthwateringly unique).

We harvest only the best ingredients Sicily has to offer, to ensure all of products are nothing short of perfection. We are passionate about sustainable farming, and the vast majority of the ingredients we use are organic (we’re working on the rest).

Our love of nature means that we work with the land to create mouth watering dishes bursting with flavour and goodness. Our goal is to reintroduce the flavour and quality of traditional Sicilian recipes that have been passed down through families here for generations.

Quality for us is key. From the land the food is grown on, to the masterful skills of our chefs – we represent the absolute finest and most authentic in Sicilian cooking.

Our Products – Specialities from Sicily

Each ingredient we use in the preparation of Tastaly products is carefully picked – and each recipe meticulously fine tuned – to create something extraordinary.

Exceptional ingredients are what lie at the heart of our food. Only the finest tomatoes, freshest herbs, and most delicious olive oil go into our products. And 100% of  all our ingredients are cultivated in Sicily to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Our range of products include: a variety of flavour-rich fish from the mediterranean sea, an excellent selection of pizzas, our award winning extra virgin olive oil, the finest Sicilian coffee, superior natural produce preserved with our signature olive oil and vinegar, the best of Sicilian cheeses, premium pasta, excellent wine and spirits and our heavenly dessert selection of biscuits and cakes.

But that’s not all – we specialise in specialities. From pistachio cream, to squid ink pasta sauce – we bring you the best and most unique in Sicilian food. Products you won’t find anywhere else, brought to you exclusively by Tastaly.

So what’s next…

Our continuing commitment to producing excellent food, and our experience growing only the best ingredients, means we really do believe our products stand head and shoulders above the rest in the market.

We  are 100% dedicated to sharing our love and passion for food and nature, along with the long established tradition of Sicilian cooking. Our products really are like nothing you’ve ever tasted, bringing the sun and sea right into your kitchen.